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Kambo Scientific Research with Caitlin Thompson


Neurobiologist Caitlin Thompson is a certified kambo practitioner, administering unique traditional frog medicine rituals. Caitlin is also the founder of a nutritional supplement company called EntheoZen. She’s an independent scientific researcher and research associate at UCSD School of Medicine and is currently conducting research on the potential of psychedelic compounds as a novel approach to autoimmune conditions as well as the first human kambo studies.

In this episode, Caitlin Thompson discusses what we know and what we don’t know about kambo is and how it actually works. Having served kambo over 800 times, she shares the physiological and psychological changes people undergo when they experience the cocktail of peptides present in kambo.

Caitlin also discusses the progress being made on creating synthetic variations of kambo. She explains how she’s observed kambo to be most effective for those who have insufficient detox pathways and usually have trouble clearing out metals, mold toxins and toxins in general, and those who have fairly low neurotransmitter production. She also discusses how she titrates dosages in her ceremonies.

In This Episode

• Where the kambo secretions come from and what ethical harvests are like
• Why Caitlin uses the minimum effective dose as a kambo practitioner
• How leaky gut can lead to a herxheimer reaction after kambo use
• How often you may want to use kambo depending on your specific needs
• How kambo may be useful for those with chronic illness, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, and Epstein-Barr


“I suffered with a chronic illness for most of my life and I sort of stumbled upon this [kambo] practice and accidentally started recovering from it. And the contrast between recovering from the illness and noticing how sick I used to be was quite startling. And that gap got bigger and bigger as time went on.” [4:00]

“They [tribal hunters] would find that it [kambo] is a bit of an adaptogenic sort of substance with increased resilience, endurance and alleged reduced need for food or water, and I’ve also heard something about it covering their human scent, allowing them to hide from animals more effectively.” [17:30]

“I try not to be dogmatic about anything but it’s hard because […] it’s really great for inflammatory and immune dysfunction conditions, especially when there’s a psychosomatic element to it.” [33:45]

“The kambo interfaces with the chemical systems that are the interface between our spirit and our physiology. I think psychedelics hit on that as well. They work with these molecular systems, these receptor-sites that happen to sort of tickle where the soul meets the meat. I see these amazing emotional and spiritual resolutions happen for people that results in these physiological and biological cascades throughout the body.” [35:10]


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