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Ketamine Practitioner Methods with Dr. Steven Mandel


In today’s ketamine practitioner episode, Dr. Steven Mandel describes some of the modern applications of ketamine. Dr. Mandel is the founder and president of Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles and a founding member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians.

As an internationally recognized pioneer in the use of ketamine infusion therapy to treat depression, suicidality, PTSD, and chronic pain, Dr. Mandel has made numerous media appearances and has personally administered thousands of ketamine infusions.

In this episode, Dr. Mandel recounts some of the history behind ketamine’s use in treating conditions such as PTSD and depression. While its use originated on the battlefield, an increasing number of physicians, including Dr. Mandel, soon discovered its other uses for anesthesia and psychological treatments.

Dr. Mandel describes what goes on in his clinic and the common conditions that he uses ketamine infusions to treat. This ranges from depression to PTSD and even chronic pain. Dr. Mandel goes into what the research is saying concerning ketamine’s effects on these conditions and how he uses it to treat his patients.

In This Episode

• The history behind ketamine’s use as a treatment for PTSD and depression
• The other therapies that should go alongside ketamine use in order to achieve lasting effects
• Common psychological conditions that ketamine may help to address
• Ketamine’s use in treating chronic pain
• The importance of priming a patient’s mindset in preparation for and during therapy
• Some of Dr. Mandel’s favorite success stories


“Ketamine very quickly became the darling of the battlefield medical community because ketamine in sub-anesthetic doses could very rapidly make a wounded soldier numb enough to participate in his own evacuation despite his wounds.” [8:35]

“Ketamine is not a cure at all. It’s a treatment. It doesn’t fix anybody permanently.” [12:30]

“You can go to very dark places with ketamine. Ketamine is a fuel. It’s a great enhancer of resilience but particularly the first experience with it can be offputting.” [28:04]

“Ketamine can help you to become more open, more resilient. Your sense of worthlessness and helplessness goes away. Your ability to give yourself permission to experience pleasure gets much better.” [34:43]


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