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The Art of Microdosing with James Fadiman & Adam Bramlage


In this episode of the Plant Medicine Podcast, Dr. James Fadiman and Adam Bramlage join to discuss the finer points of microdosing and their upcoming Microdosing Movement course. Dr. Fadiman is a world-renowned psychedelic researcher and transpersonal psychologist who has made seminal contributions to the contemporary understanding of microdosing. Adam is founder and CEO of Flow State Micro where he works as a microdosing coach with clients from a wide range of backgrounds to help craft individualized protocols to best harness the potentials of microdosing. Together with the San Francisco Psychedelic Society and Jakobien & Hein of The Microdosing Institute they will be leading the upcoming six-week Microdosing Movement course.

In this discussion, Dr. Fadiman and Adam touch on many nuanced topics relating to microdosing, ranging from individualized protocols to current research. Dr. Fadiman tells of his experience gathering information on microdosing through his own study and how this originated what became known as the Fadiman protocol for microdosing. Dr. Fadiman also discusses some conclusions that can be drawn from experience reports, such as the efficacy of microdosing for combatting conditions such as addiction or depression.

Additionally, Adam shares the details of the Microdosing Movement course, emphasizing how building community is foregrounded in the course design. In addition to lectures by experts like Dr. Fadiman, participants will have the opportunity to socialize with other students, integrate the content, and ask questions at weekly communiTEA gatherings over Zoom.

The microdosing movement course runs Sunday, December 13th through Tuesday, January 19th. Additional information and registration linked below.

In This Episode

• How Dr. Fadiman developed his microdosing protocol
• What we know about tolerance when it comes to psychedelics
• Recent research findings suggesting microdosing could also be effective treating pain
• Details of the upcoming microdosing movement course
• How community enriches microdosing outcomes


“The most important thing to get across is that each person is an individual and no one protocol is going to work for everybody. Everybody has different needs.” [12:42]

“And particularly people are saying, not that meditation improves your microdosing, but that microdosing absolutely improves your meditation.” [15:36]

“We’re just seeing extremely positive results across the board, and we’re seeing that the longer people microdose, the less often they need to microdose.” [41:40]

“There’s so many different applications for this, with so many different conditions, and each day I get new emails or new contacts from people who are using it for totally new things.” [43:54]


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