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Iboga, full name Tabernanthe iboga, is the main plant from which ibogaine is extracted. Ibogaine can also be synthesized in a lab. Treatments can be with either iboga, the full plant, or ibogaine alone. 

It has been known to relieve people of their addictions in as little as one treatment, having helped those with addictions from opiates to alcohol to amphetamines and beyond. Reports say that it helps both alleviate withdrawal symptoms and also to keep cravings at bay. It has been associated with a small number of deaths, most of which are thought to be due to pre-existing heart conditions or medication interactions and not due solely to the ibogaine itself. 

Ibogaine is illegal in the US and much of Europe, but is legal in Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Africa, Gabon, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.



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