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Have your patients started asking you about psychedelic medicine?

The Psychedelic Medicine Association educates clinicians and provides informational tools so that you can feel confident discussing psychedelic medicine with your patients.

That landscape is rapidly changing. An ever-growing number of states are recognizing psychedelic medicines for the true therapeutic benefit they can bring.

Are You Prepared for When Your Patients Start Asking about Psychedelic Options?

Our mission is to educate primary care providers, therapists, psychiatrists, and other front-line medical workers on the currently-available and soon-to-be-approved psychedelic medicines.

Patients have suffered long enough with therapeutic options that bring little relief. It’s time we explore this new world of options so we can begin helping them truly heal.

The research can’t be denied:

  • After MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, 68% of subjects with PTSD no longer qualified for the condition at one-year follow-up
  • Ketamine has shown rapid antidepressant and anti-suicidal ideation effects
  • Psilocybin has demonstrated improvements in major depression and end-of-life anxiety

These findings are just the beginning. New research findings are coming out regularly that support the use of psychedelic medicines for several difficult-to-treat mental and physical conditions.

The Psychedelic Medicine Association has created a course to help get you up to speed with a psychedelic medicine that's rapidly growing in legal use: psilocybin.


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