Psychedelic Medicine


Welcome to the Psychedelic Medicine Association.

We provide you with education and informational tools to help you feel confident to discuss psychedelic medicines with your patients.

Welcome to the Psychedelic Medicine Association.

We provide you with education and informational tools to help you feel confident to discuss psychedelic medicines with your patients.

Welcome to the Psychedelic Medicine Association.

We provide you with education and informational tools to help you feel confident to discuss psychedelic medicines with your patients.

Get to know us

Meet The team


Lynn Marie Morski, MD, JD

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is the president of the Psychedelic Medicine Association and host of the Psychedelic Medicine Podcast. She sits on the advisory boards of Psychedelics Today, Cybin, VETS, Inc (Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions), the Oxenberg Foundation, and the Ketamine Task Force. Dr. Morski is a Mayo Clinic-trained physician in family medicine and sports medicine, as well as an attorney and former adjunct law professor.

Chief Technical Officer

Barney Neal

Barney is an entrepreneur focused on projects that have an impact on people & the planet. With a Masters degree in Engineering Barney is leveraging technology to help spread education surrounding psychedelics and psychedelic-assisted therapy. He has been working closely with Lynn Marie in the development of the PMA.

Content Manager

Jared Morningstar

Jared is a writer and educator with a BA in religion for which he completed a thesis project comparing DMT-induced mystical experiences and traditional religious mystical experiences. At the Psychedelic Medicine Association he helps organize monthly webinars, compiles recent psychedelic research for the newsletters, writes accessible overview articles on various psychedelic medicines, and manages social media profiles.

Diversity & Inclusion Advisor

May Lee

May is a valued communications and marketing strategist. Committed to building bridges in healthcare to those in need. Her mission is to broaden the conversation around psychedelic and mental health research to be inclusive of BIPOC, immigrant and other minority communities that are too often overlooked in healthcare and policy reform. She is also the first employee at Numinus, a company creating an ecosystem for the delivery of safe and regulated psychedelic therapies.


Rebecca Kronman, LCSW.

Rebecca Kronman, LCSW, is a licensed therapist, mother of two and founder of Plant Parenthood, a digital and in person community of parents who use psychedelics. She is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Brooklyn, New York where she works with clients to prepare for and integrate after psychedelic experiences.


Kate Pate, PhD.

Kate Pate, PhD is a neurophysiologist, who has been conducting research for 15 years in a variety of different areas, broadly including neurotrauma, respiratory neurobiology, mental health, redox biology, and combat trauma. She is the CEO & Co-Founder of Coruna Medical, and the Director of Research for both the Heroic Hearts Project and Unlimited Sciences.


Dr. Kwasi Adusei

Dr. Kwasi Adusei is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and co-founder of the Psychedelic Society of Western New York, out of which he developed a local psychedelic harm reduction organization. Kwasi is a trainee of the MAPS sponsored MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD and was part of the first ever therapists of color cohort. He intends to bring this work into underserved communities.


Dr. Elizabeth Nielson, PhD, CASAC

Dr. Elizabeth Nielson is a co-founder of Fluence and a psychologist with a focus on developing psychedelic medicines as treatments for PTSD, substance use problems, and mood disorders. Dr. Nielson is also a therapist on FDA approved clinical trials of psilocybin-assisted treatment of alcohol use disorder, MDMA-assisted treatment PTSD, and psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression. Having completed an NIH postdoctoral fellowship at NYU, she has published and presented on topics of psychedelic therapist training, therapists’ personal experience with psychedelics, and psychedelic integration in group and individual psychotherapy.


Dr. Benjamin Malcolm

Dr. Benjamin Malcolm earned his bachelor’s degree (BS) in pharmacology at the University of California at Santa Barbara, prior to his Masters in Public Health (MPH) and Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) at Touro University California. He then completed post-graduate residencies in Acute Care at Scripps Mercy Hospital and Psychiatric Pharmacy at the University of California at San Diego Health. After residency training he began his career as an Academician at Western University of Health Sciences (WUHS), College of Pharmacy and obtained Board Certification in Psychiatric Pharmacy (BCPP).


Stephanie Yarnell-Mac Gory, MD, PHD

Dr. Yarnell-Mac Grory is a psychiatrist and an assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine where she conducts research in the field of addiction. She completed the Law and Psychiatry Fellowship at Yale University, served as a Yale Science Diplomat to Washington, DC advocating for policy related issues, and went on to complete the Addictions Psychiatry Fellowship at Yale University.


Reid Robison, MD, MBA

Reid Robison, MD, MBA, is a board-certified psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer at Novamind. Reid is co-founder at Cedar Psychiatry, and serves as Medical Director of Center for Change, a top Eating Disorder program. He is currently the coordinating investigator for the MAPS MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy study of Eating Disorders. Reid is adjunct faculty at the University of Utah, founder of the Polizzi Free Clinic, and provides medical support and psychedelic therapy at plant medicine retreats abroad.


Richard Skaife

Richard is one of the founding partners at The Conscious Fund. Backing entrepreneurs and innovators who look to solve the worlds most difficult challenges around mental health and addiction. Richards connection to psychedelics started nearly two decades ago when he found himself at the heart of dance music culture. Richard was an early pioneer in mental health destigmatisation when he helped launch the multi-million downloaded Digipill app. The Conscious Fund not only invests but helps create and give back. Committed to giving a percentage of the fund profits to community causes.
Ethics & Responsibility

Our Commitments


Educating, empowering, and enabling medical professionals around psychedelic medicine in ways which are as complete and unbiased as possible;


Raising awareness and advocacy in support of uptake of psychedelic medicines by insurers, public health systems and governments;


Accelerating and enhancing healthcare delivery, improving the quality of and access to patient focused solutions, especially those with the greatest access challenges;

Professional Development

Providing meaningful experiences to members for personal and professional development, and fostering links with other organisations;


Building a digital ecosystem to create collaboration and debate amongst medical professionals and to enable training, events, alliances and partnerships; 


Catalyze novel treatments and approaches for the benefit of patients through interaction between the medical, scientific, corporate and government communities;


Discouraging exploitation, expropriation or other harmful activities, while encouraging ethical, sustainable practises. In alignment with the ethics outlined in the North Star Pledge.

Diversity & Inclusion

The PMA endeavour to achieve best in the sector for their diversity & inclusion practices. Committed to featuring diverse voices from across the race, gender, sexual identity and ability spectrums. In addition, support those who have been and continue to be marginalized. 

Ethics & Responsibility


We at the Psychedelic Medicine Association are dedicated to being transparent with our funding. We have received no financial contributions from any of our advisors. We have not given any special preference to any organizations.

All corporations and organizations pay the same rates to be in our organization, which are based on the size of the corporation or organization. The association key funding source is member dues.

No suitably qualified member who wishes to participate in the organization will be turned away. We are committed to providing equitable access for all healthcare providers as well as for organizations doing quality work in improving access to these medicines and access to training in these therapies.


Become a member of The Psychedelic Medicine Association to gain access to a variety of educational and informational tools to help you feel confident to discuss psychedelic medicines with your patients. As a member, you’ll also be connected with like-minded health professionals and the organizations shaping the psychedelic industry.




Journal Clubs

CME/CE Course


Managing Medical Risk In Patients Seeking Psilocybin Therapy

We are excited to offer a CME/CE accredited course to provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to safely, effectively, and comfortably assess and discuss the relevant medical risks with their patients.

In this course, you will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of what psilocybin and psilocybin mushrooms are and their historical use
  • Identify the indications for which psilocybin has been researched
  • Understand the contraindications of psilocybin therapy and how psilocybin affects the mind and body
  • Understand psilocybin’s pharmacology and drug-drug interactions