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First and foremost, I have a very serious mind, but am always ready for some fun.

My essence is a deep love, curiosity and respect for nature – especially her wilder settings. Early, I became fascinated with the ability of nature on this planet to heal and regenerate. I made a commitment to align my journey with this powerful force. So I studied, and became a specialist in emergency medicine and medical toxicology. I worked many years, treating patients in the core of a modern hospital / Level 2 Trauma Center with all the latest science and technology at my beck and call. It was a long, learned, and powerful Western Medicine ride, but I finally realized that I had lost my way as a healer and had become unbalanced and too removed from the Earth. I needed to know more about the gifts of the Earth and it’s medicine plants. I longed to know and experience the techniques and understand the legacy of the ancient healers. So my partner and I apprenticed with indigenous medicine women and men in the US Southwest, Peru and Chile.

Now, I am fortunate enough to be in a position to work with my beloved partner and medicine woman, Jude, to offer healing options for clients (specifically front line health care workers with traumatic stress disorders) that combine ancient healing techniques with modern medical science.


Board Certified, American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (2015- current)
Graduate of 2 Year Integrative Medicine Post Doctoral Fellowship, Univ. of Arizona (2014)
Andean Cosmic Vision Apprenticeship, don Theo Paredes PhD, Cuzco Peru (2003 – ongoing)
Member, Oklevueha Native American Church (2016 – ongoing)
Diplomate, The Four Winds Society Light Body School – Luminous Healing and Shamanic Energy Medicine (2017)
Fellow, American College of Medical Toxicology ( 1996 – Current)
Lifetime Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians