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Announcing the Psychedelic Medicine Association with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski


In this episode, host Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, who is also president of the soon-to-be-launched Psychedelic Medicine Association, discusses what services the association will be providing, what needs it will address, and how the collaborations fostered in the association will contribute to real-world improvements in access to psychedelic therapies. With her background in the medical field, Dr. Morski outlines why it is so difficult for practicing clinicians to encounter information about treatments such as psychedelic therapy. As doctors mostly stay up-to-date through medical journals and association emails, the excitement around the therapeutic potential of plant medicines in the broader culture doesn’t necessarily translate to clinicians knowing the subject in detail. The Psychedelic Medicine Association will seek to rectify this lack of awareness by providing content geared towards medical professionals – connecting them with the latest science and providing resources so they are better able to respond to patient questions regarding psychedelic therapies. The association will even provide a forum for clinicians to interact with each other as they navigate understanding these medicines, as well as a forum to connect health professionals with other experts in the burgeoning field of psychedelic therapy. To celebrate the launch of the Plant Medicine Association, they will be hosting a webinar at 1:00 pm Eastern on September 29th featuring a panel discussion on bridging the gap between the psychedelic science and clinical medicine worlds to introduce the association and begin discussing how to best address the barriers to getting these medicines in the hands of patients in need.

In This Episode

• Discussing the launch of the Psychedelic Medicine Association
• The barriers to clinicians being fully informed on psychedelic medicine
• Why clinicians are weary to discuss psychedelic therapy
• The importance of dialogue between healthcare workers and those working within psychedelic science, medicine, and law
• How the Psychedelic Medicine Association will fill this niche and work to better integrate psychedelic therapy into existing institutions of medicine and psychiatry


“The vast majority of good-hearted doctors are not trying to keep their head in the sand when it comes to psychedelics – it just has not come across most of their journals.” [6:57]

“A big part of what the entire psychedelic science industry is trying to do is overcome that stigma which came from [psychedelics] being illegal for so long, and as you probably know, you overcome that stigma with education.” [12:04]

“We want doctors and clinicians and those on the front lines of patient care to be well-informed so that they can present a full range of options to their patients.” [17:53]

“There are just a million things that need to happen for us to get these medicines from the lab, where they are now, and the clinical trials to the people who really need them, and that is the goal of the Psychedelic Medicine Association.” [22:53]


* The Psychedelic Medicine Podcast has allowed the Psychedelic Medicine Association to post episodes as an educational resource, and in return the PMA is hosting the podcast show notes.