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Ayahuasca Patient Experience with Heroic Hearts Project Founder Jesse Gould


Today, Jesse Gould, the founder of Heroic Hearts Project, is here to share his story… Jesse is a former Army Ranger with a background in finance. After struggling with mental health issues stemming from his military career and finding little support at home, Jesse left it all behind and went to Peru. Hoping to find the answers he was searching for, Jesse discovered the therapeutic uses of ayahuasca.

Jesse describes how his search for help eventually pointed him towards ayahuasca. While in Peru, Jesse spent a week at an ayahuasca retreat. He found that, although he was nervous and the process was difficult, the therapeutic supports throughout helped bring a new sense of clarity. In the end, Jesse found that the whole experience gave him useful tools for handling the anxiety that he previously found crippling.

Once he came home, Jesse was inspired to share this experience with others like him. He started the Heroic Hearts Project with the intention of helping other veterans connect with reputable ayahuasca retreats and support their path towards healing. Over the past few years, Jesse has worked with many veterans who have experienced profound results from ayahuasca therapies.

In This Episode

• The struggles that Jesse experienced as a veteran seeking mental health support
• What to expect from a week-long ayahuasca retreat
• The lessons of learning to surrender and give over control
• Helping veterans take advantage of ayahuasca therapies
• What many veterans are saying about the use of psychedelics to help treat PTSD


“I knew it was a big change. I knew the small changes I was making weren’t having an impact. I might as well try something and I’m glad I did.” [8:51]

“You just come to the realization that you are not in control and that’s okay.” [11:13]

“The psychedelic process can bring profound changes and some answers. But the person still has to implement these changes and make some hard life decisions for it to fully take effect.” [22:35]


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