BONUS Episode: How to Help Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions through Plant and Psychedelic Medicines

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Marcus and Amber Capone are founders of a nonprofit organization, VETS, Inc., which provides resources, research, and advocacy for U.S. veterans seeking psychedelic-assisted therapies. Marcus served 13 years as a Navy SEAL, and when the post-military challenges became seemingly insurmountable, Amber became intent to save him by pursuing unconventional treatment modalities. Marcus attributes psychedelic-assisted therapies to saving his life, and now the couple is determined to drive profound change in the veteran healthcare system as a whole. Marcus and Amber describe how they came about finding their way into getting Marcus into Ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT treatment and the immense changes that have come about as a result of that therapy, both in Marcus’s own healing journey and now in their desire to help other veterans through their foundation, Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS). In this episode: How traumatic brain injury was leading to neurologic symptoms that were treatment-resistant The experience of undergoing an Ibogaine session What it was like to do 5-MeO-DMT after the Ibogaine and why that sequence was helpful How Marcus keeps his symptoms at bay How the VETS nonprofit is aiming to spread the healing