BONUS Episode: Ketamine Practitioner Methods with Dr. Ben Kaplan-Singer


In this bonus ketamine practitioner episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Ben Kaplan-Singer about the application of intramuscular ketamine. Dr. Kaplan-Singer practices integrative and functional medicine and has developed a “whole person” approach to helping his patients address a number of conditions.

With a specialty in intramuscular applications of ketamine, Dr. Kaplan-Singer explains how this method is administered and how someone best prepares for it. As with many transformational experiences, intention setting is crucial. Dr. Kaplan-Singer shares his advice when it comes to setting intentions and explains how it helps with the process overall.

Dr. Kaplan-Singer goes on to describe what someone going through an IM treatment of ketamine can expect. From the initial meetings with the doctor to the treatment itself to processing the experience afterward, Dr. Kaplan-Singer explains how he manages it all as a highly curated and supported process.

In This Episode

• How ketamine works at both the biochemical and metaphysical levels
• The importance of intention setting when preparing for a transformational experience
• Relative contraindications and side-effects of ketamine to be aware of
• A walk-through of the process and experience of IM treatment from beginning to end
• The effects of ketamine on the central-nervous-system as well as the body
• Techniques and methods for processing the post-ketamine experience


“Ketamine is being rediscovered as one of the most potent and fastest acting anti-depressants that we know in the pharmaceutical world.” [4:37]

“When used this way, we’re actually helping people get novel insights into who they are, what they are, why they’re alive, what their purpose is for being on this planet, what their relationship is to others, and what their relationship is to the cosmos.” [6:52]

“When you have a big transformation, it’s not enough to just have a peak experience. It really matters how you apply those insights into daily living.” [26:17]


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