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BONUS Episode: Sharing Stories of Healing with the Founders of the #ThankYouPlantMedicine Movement


Today we have another bonus episode so that you can hear from the founders of the #Thank You Plant Medicine movement. David Griot and Jonathan Glazer are two of the leaders of this movement which aims to remove the stigma around the use of plant medicine.

On February 20, 2020, there will be an important event for people who have been affected by the power of plant medicines to come out and let the world know of their experiences. David and Jonathan strongly believe that, like so many other social movements, this can be instrumental in leading to progressive change.

David and Jonathan believe that this is a crucial time for this movement because it seems that more people are using plant medicines than ever. However, the legal and pharmaceutical landscape still doesn’t support this. To that end, we talk about how to delicately approach this topic in circles where it might not be totally accepted.

David and Jonathan explain the phases of their project and how many different people are coming together to make it happen. They are bringing in individuals and organizations from all around the world to make this a truly grassroots movement that reflects the diversity of all plant medicine users.

In This Episode

• What the #ThankYouPlantMedicine movement is
• The implications of the gap between pharmaceuticals and psychedelics
• The connection between plant medicine and spiritual development
• The power of pant medicines to unite people around the world
• Addressing the need for discretion when discussing the use of plant medicine
• How people can get involved in this movement


“It’s time for the communities to unite and get out of the hidden spots and just tell the truth as it is.” [10:16]

“The real underlying why in this for me is to create a change in consciousness on a global level to try to create a more collaborative, joyful, and pleasant world.” [17:26]

“There’s no pressure — it’s an invitation. Only people who feel comfortable with it and are not in legal risk should participate. This is going to be the beginning of what we hope to be a multi-year movement until we reach the point where people are not jeopardized by talking about it.” [22:34]


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