Cannabis and CBD for PTSD with Dr. Mike Hart


On this episode of the Plant Medicine Podcast, Dr. Mike Hart joins to discuss the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, focusing on his clinical work using this medicine to help treat PTSD. Dr. Hart is a Canadian family medicine doctor who opened the first cannabis clinic in London, Ontario – ReadyToGo Clinic. In his practice, Dr. Hart draws on his family medicine background and his cannabis expertise to help his patients tackle their unique conditions and make lifestyle improvements.

In this conversation, Dr. Hart discusses his work using cannabinoid medicines, such as CBD and THC, to help veterans with PTSD better treat their symptoms. He talks about the different features of PTSD and how both CBD and THC can be effective at improving the wellbeing of individuals with this diagnosis. Drawing on both his clinical experience and the scientific literature. Dr. Hart provides an overview of how these cannabinoid medicines can be used to improve sleep, manage stress, reduce pain, and even help with trauma.

In addition, Dr. Hart explains how he works with patients on an individual basis to create plans for transitioning off traditional pharmaceuticals such as SSRIs in cases where cannabinoid treatments are providing more relief with fewer side effects. Dr. Hart hopes to continue promoting cannabis education to help bridge the gap between the scientific research and popular awareness, allowing more people to take advantage of these treatment options.

In This Episode

• How cannabis can be used to treat various symptoms of PTSD
• The different uses of CBD and THC
• How cannabis can release traumatic memories and prevent the formation of new trauma responses
• The unique effects of using CBD and THC in tandem
• How cannabis is providing better therapeutic benefits compared to traditional pharmaceuticals for many dealing with depression and sleep issues.


“Cannabis isn’t a cure-all per se, but it’s definitely a medicine that can help initiate you to have a healthier lifestyle overall.” [8:59]

“If someone does have really severe PTSD that includes nightmares, including some THC in their regime would likely be very, very effective for them.” [16:52]

“By using CBD you may be able to unlearn these things that you’ve learned and then you can learn new things so you can transform yourself and become a new person.” [22:14]

“Generally CBD actually does work better when you are in stressful environments.” [26:11]

“The one really nice thing with CBD is you’re gonna notice it right away, on your very first dose.” [37:38]


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