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Cannabis Patient Experience with Leanna


When Leanna was finishing up college she began experiencing severe nerve pain in her back. To help her deal with the pain and sleep through it better, Leanna turned to using medical cannabis.

In today’s THC patient experience episode, I talk with Leanna about how she used THC to help her cope with this recurrent back pain. She even shares how her grandmother used it help with all sorts of pains and to get her more active than she had been in years.

Not wanting to take potentially addictive opioids, Leanna started asking questions about cannabis as a possibly safer alternative. She soon found that THC was helping her feel better than she otherwise thought she could.

Leanna and I talk about how she, as well as her grandmother, found their preferred forms of administering THC and why it’s different for everyone. She explains why using cannabis at different times of day helped her get out of bed in the morning and sleep better at night.

In This Episode

• Coming to the decision to use cannabis to treat chronic pain
• How to deciding which form of THC to take
• Determining one’s ideal way of taking THC to maximize the results and minimize the side-effects
• Discussing the use of medical cannabis with family members
• How patients can talk with medical practitioners about their use of THC products


“At the time I was just looking for other ways that I would feel safer than taking [opioids] long-term.” [6:08]

“I had struggles with anxiety in the past and [cannabis] was something that always helped me with it a little bit too. Whereas I have friends who say it gives them even more anxiety.” [14:03]

“So my grandma was someone who was able to handle THC better than a lot of people my own age.” [18:40]


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