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Cannabis Practitioner Methods with Dr. Adam Abodeely


Dr. Adam Abodeely is the founder and CEO of Reserve:MD as well as a double board-certified surgeon specializing in gastrointestinal diseases and cancer. He is the chairman of the Dispensary Review Committee for the Association of Cannabis Specialists and is the author of A Surgeon’s Perspective on the Science & Truth of Cannabis.

Dr. Abodeely recommends cannabis-based therapy for over one hundred different conditions. His journey with medical cannabis began when his patients started telling him about how they were benefiting more from cannabis than they were from the pharmaceuticals he prescribed for them. Since then, Dr. Abodeely has been conducting exhaustive research into the medical uses of cannabis.

In this interview, Dr. Abodeely describes what he takes into consideration when deciding if a patient is a good candidate for medical cannabis. We examine some of the many medical conditions in which Dr. Abodeely has found cannabis, and specifically THC, to be helpful.

As a GI specialist, Dr. Abodeely takes us on a deep dive of how THC and other cannabinoids specifically affect people with various gut issues. He describes the various ways in which THC can be administered and the benefits and drawbacks of different methods. We examine how cannabis can best be delivered and how to determine proper dosage.

In This Episode

• Guidance to give patients when certifying them for medical cannabis
• Some of the conditions that Dr. Abodeely has found are treated well with medical cannabis
• How the various properties of cannabis can impact people with certain GI diseases
• If depression can be considered a form of chronic pain and be treated with cannabis
• Why different people respond differently to THC
• Whether or not cannabis can react negatively with other medications


“What I realized is that patients were actually really benefiting from it. They were coming to me to receive care and my care was providing them with sub-optimal outcomes. But they were receiving great benefits from cannabis.” [5:50]

“My goals are to at least minimize or reduce the opioid consumption or get rid of it all together [13:33]

“Cannabis medicine is a very personal experience. Our bodies are all genetically different. We all have our unique cannabinoid receptors and genetic polymorphisms which means there’s differences in how my cannabinoid receptors may be compared to yours and how you’re going to respond.” [21:31]

“Doses that are too low or too high tend to be non-therapeutic. There’s a sweet spot.” [29:57]


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