CBD: Beyond the Basics with Cannabinoid Researcher Hunter Land


Hunter Land is the director of cannabinoid research at Canopy Growth Corporation. He has devoted his career to researching cannabis-derived medicines and their application across a variety of conditions, leading the clinical development of the first FDA-approved CBD meditation, Epidiolex.

In this episode, Hunter shares the science-based reality of dosing guidelines for using CBD for various conditions and purposes. He answers questions regarding sublingual delivery, whether you can develop tolerance to CBD, the difference between broad-spectrum full-spectrum CBD, and much more.

In This Episode

• The difficulty in establishing CBD dosing guidelines.
• A discussion of whether one can develop tolerance to CBD
• What to look for when choosing a CBD product.
• Whether the long-term use of cannabis affects CBD effectivity


“It’s tough to come up and say: “well you need this amount for sleep, you need this amount for anxiety, you need this amount for epilepsy.” So, with a lot of other medications, a lot of physicians, like yourself, probably know, it’s not uncommon to start low and go slow and see where you might land.” [5:00]

“At low doses, we do think there might be some enhanced stimulation effect. But we also know it’s not like a stimulant like amphetamine or caffeine. It seems to function differently than that.” [6:20]

“We don’t have guidance on pesticides either. So I think beyond just knowing what’s in products based on standardization techniques, also what contaminates could be present is also of importance.” [25:40]


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