CBD History and Legality with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski


Today’s episode covers the history and legality of CBD. While this should not be construed as legal advice, you will learn about some of the background of CBD and where it fits into the current legal landscape.

In order to understand the legality of CBD, it’s important to know the difference between hemp and cannabis. Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent THC content, while cannabis has more. Although CBD can be extracted from either of these plants, the majority of CBD on the market comes from hemp.

The production of hemp in the United States has been greatly affected by various laws over the last one hundred years. In fact, it wasn’t until the Farm Bill of 2018 that hemp was removed from the Controlled Substances Act, allowing for the harvesting of CBD seen today.

CBD has been known to have potential medical applications for decades, however recent changes in both state and federal laws have led to its new proliferation around the country. Since laws vary from state to state and not all CBD comes from legal sources, it’s important to know where each particular state stands.

In This Episode

• The difference between hemp and cannabis and why this distinction matters
• A brief history of the word marijuana and why many people are avoiding its use
• A history of hemp production and how anti-drug laws have affected it
• The discovery and study of CBD as a compound with potential medical uses
• What to look out for when determining the legality of a CBD product in a particular state


“CBD can be extracted from both marijuana and hemp as both of them have cannabidiol, or CBD, in them among other cannabinoids.” [4:34]

“It is a rapidly developing area and the FDA is still working to develop a regulatory path for hemp-derived CBD.”[10:43]

“In states where cannabis is not legal, then CBD from cannabis is also not legal.” [12:29]


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