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CBD Patient Experience with Tony | How CBD helped alleviate his back pain and kept him out of surgery


Today I’m talking with Tony about his experience using CBD to help alleviate his chronic back pain. After he hurt his back deadlifting, Tony tried everything he could think of to get rid of the pain. From functional exercise to dry-needle acupuncture, nothing worked. Almost by chance, Tony got his hands on some CBD and it has made all the difference ever since.

After discovering CBD, Tony started investigating just how it’s been helping him. He tells us how he found the right products and dosages for him and how it’s turned his life around. Now, having experienced the benefits of CBD, Tony has become a true evangelist for the power of this product to help heal when other interventions can’t.

In This Episode

• How pain from an injury can lead to experimenting with numerous treatments
• What it was like finding CBD in the years before it was so popular
• Figuring out your best dose through trial and error
• Many common reasons that people (and sometimes animals) take CBD
• What to look for and consider when shopping for your CBD product


“If you have it, there’s CBD in it right now. It’s all over the place, so it’s easy to find these days.” [7:19]

“My back hurt every single day for at least two years. Now in this two or three day period, it was really the first time that I could say that I was pain-free.”[12:15]

“It was so traumatic to go through chronic pain. It wears you down, it makes you depressed, it just puts an edge on everything where you’re a little bit unpresent. You’re just not all the way there because in the back of your mind you’re hurting. That really just wears you down.” [22:51]

“This is something else that you can try. It’s such a low risk for such a high potential reward.” [29:15]


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