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DMT Patient Experience with Adam Meredith


Adam Meredith is an entrepreneur, podcasting consultant, speaker, photographer, health and movement coach, martial artist, and retired pro fighter based in St. Louis, MO. In addition to hosting Outside Perspective, Adam is also the founder and CEO of Imposed Will, a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering others to impose their will on life, through mental strength and healthy habits.

In this week’s episode, Adam goes into detail about what he experienced during multiple DMT journeys. He talks about how intense his first experience was and what he felt in the DMT space. He also compares how different his later experiences were.

Initially, Adam avoided setting expectations for his DMT experiences. However, he shares how it has helped him develop his spirituality and realize that he was more than just his physical body.

In This Episode

• What a DMT journey can be like and what Adam experienced
• How DMT can vary between experiences.
• The benefits of having a guide for a first time experience.
• How DMT can help promote religious experiences


“I feel like expectations are the quickest way to disappointment. So it’s like, I just wanted to be open to the experience and see what I actually get from it.” [7:25]

“I look on the walls and I’m seeing the geometric patterns and all of a sudden I’m just yanked away from this physical space.” [10:12]

“This is a place that you can go to, and we are a part of that thing, whatever that is. Whether you call it the universe, you can call it God, you can call it energy, it’s like, there is a whole lot more going on than we really understand, and maybe we will never be able to explain it with science, but it’s there.” [25:12]


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