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Iboga Patient Experience with Eamon Armstrong


In this week’s iboga patient experience episode, we hear from Eamon Armstrong. He is the creator and host of the Life is a Festival Podcast, promoting a lifestyle of adventure and personal development through the lens of festival culture. Eamon’s belief in the transformational power of psychedelics led him to take part in a traditional Bwiti initiation in Gabon. He has since become a trained sitter with MAPS’ Zendo Project.

Eaman describes how his desire for personal metamorphosis led him to seek out an iboga experience in Africa. However, he doesn’t recommend that others go to Gabon to do what he did. Rather, a more clinical setting is much safer. At any rate, he found that it was a truly transformational journey. Eamon describes what he went through during his ten-day experience and how it led to new and important insights.

Eamon’s journey revived many forgotten memories. These memories brought back some suppressed fear and trauma. He feels that it was a very healing experience overall. Eamon found that iboga led him to recognize the source of his traumas which ultimately helped him deal with addiction.

In This Episode

• Why it is safer to have an ibogaine experience in a clinical setting rather than elsewhere
• Preparation to take before an iboga journey
• The various steps to a traditional iboga experience
• How an iboga journey is a very personalized experience
• The important role that an integration coach can play in any psychedelic journey
• The distinction between iboga and ibogaine


“My pursuit of iboga had to do with certain aspects of myself that I wanted to transform. I wanted to transform them by going to the root.” [6:02]

“It felt healing. I felt like I was moving through chunks of things that I had been carrying and holding inside me. It was hard work.” [26:28]

“What iboga teaches you is that there is no such thing as addiction in the way that you think there is. There is only deep trauma and pain and patterns that you create to avoid them. Iboga goes to the root of that trauma and pain and shows you what it is.” [36:15]


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