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Kambo Patient Experience with Lucresia


Lucresia has been on a long healing journey, both physically and spiritually. Physically, she had endured a number of chronic issues, like celiac disease and exposure to mold toxicity. She had felt like she had tried it all and did not know what else to do. In talking with some ayahuasca practitioners, she was introduced to a Kambo practitioner. Even though the intense experience of Kambo seemed scary for her, she was in a place where she was willing to try anything.

At first, her physician recommended that she not try it and she concurred. Later, she found herself to be so depressed that she was willing to act irrespective of her physician’s recommendation. In having done so three different times (including once the day before this episode was recorded), she experienced such a significant reduction and even disappearance in her chronic migraines, gut, skin, and immune system issues that her own doctor voiced interest in trying Kambo as well.

In This Episode

• What Kambo is, and the fact that it is already a legally allowed medicine
• How Lucresia came to discover and trust her Kambo practitioner
• The intake process, preparation, experience, and after-effects of her Kambo journeys
• How physically-demanding (and rewarding) Kambo can be
• Why Kambo is not considered to be psychedelic


“The after-glow was so amazing. I finished the ceremony and I went home. I sat in silence for an hour – which is very uncommon for me. It wasn’t even a meditation, I was just sitting there, empty; which was a really nice break from myself, which doesn’t happen very often. After that hour, I grabbed my journal and started writing things down and suddenly, I just got this burst of energy, and I felt happy and clear and light. After feeling so crappy for so long, where it was really hard to get out of bed, this was amazing!” [19:16]

“I was having chronic migraines, (after the Kambo ceremony) those started going away. A lot of the gut issues -I was having severe food allergies and sensitivities- and those calmed down too. It’s like my whole immune system relaxed .” [20:30]

“Kambo is not psychedelic at all. At all. Which is different. Usually, with Ayahuasca, there’s a purging but then it’s like you’ve got these cool insights and cool visions. No. There is nothing cool with Kambo.” [30:45]


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