Kambo Practioner Methods with Mike Salemi


Mike Salemi is a certified kambo practitioner who utilizes a completely holistic approach when guiding and supporting his clients toward accessing their own inner wisdom to heal and grow. His motivation is to help all people discover their true potential from the inside out.

In this episode, Mike discusses what a kambo ceremony looks & feels like, and how to both prepare for it beforehand and integrate it afterward. Mike shares how he was first introduced to kambo as “the warrior’s medicine” and the comprehensive training he underwent to be able to hold space for others. He also gives an overview of the uses of two other plant medicines called rapé and sananga.

Kambo is an intense experience and Mike discusses who may benefit and who may be better served by other medicines. He also covers the importance of movement before the ceremony, the dietary recommendations for before and after kambo, and why it’s wise to find an experienced practitioner with whom you feel safe.

In This Episode

• How kambo helped shift Mike’s issues with his gut and immunity
• Instances where kambo is contraindicated (pregnancy, mental disorders, schizophrenia, heart conditions, blood clots, epilepsy)
• Dietary recommendations for kambo and why it’s important to NOT fast before the ceremony
• What a day of ceremony looks like and how the medicine gets made, applied, and removed
• An overview of the plant medicines rapé and sananga


“I would attribute it, personally, directly to kambo. That’s been the biggest change. I’ve made in the last few years. And that for me is like the single biggest thing. My adaptability and resiliency toward stress has been hugely improved.” [10: 39]

“Kambo’s going to do what it needs to do. I believe the ceremony is really between that person and kambo. I’m a part of the process, but my job is mainly to keep them safe, my job is to hold space. And then, if they’re a little stuck, I can drive the process through specific tools.” [32:00]

“I still sit with as many kambo practitioners as I can, that I’ve heard good things about. It helps put it (the kambo experience) into context. And you start to realize that everyone brings their own life experience. Everyone brings their own process. And no one is right or wrong. You learn so much sitting with different people.” [46:49]

“When it’s people’s first time, we’ll spend almost thirty minutes talking the whole process, answering every question they have, talking about what the experience may potentially feel like, because everyone is going to be individual, but also how the medicine comes on, and working in waves and the duration and stuff like that. What I’ve found is that that can subdue a lot of the anxiousness and fears around it. That’s actually a really important piece; explaining things thoroughly.” [58:15]


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