Ketamine Patient Experience with Michael Bledsoe


Today’s episode explores the patient’s experience of using ketamine in a clinical setting. As a very health-conscious person, Michael was curious about how ketamine, applied at a clinic through an IV drip, could address issues with his overall health. In this episode, Michael describes what these experiences have meant to him.

Michael shares his reasoning behind his decision to try ketamine and how he prepared mentally and physically for the experience. He walks us through the experience at the clinic getting his infusions and what it’s like from the patient’s perspective.

These ketamine treatments have had a number of effects for Michael. He describes how they helped him gain clarity on a number of topics ranging from his business to the grieving of a friend’s death. These six treatments were very impactful for Michael, and he describes how he processed them immediately afterward and how he continues to think about them.

In This Episode

• What led to Michael’s decision to use ketamine
• What was involved in preparing for his initial treatment
• How ketamine compares to other psychedelics in Michael’s experience
• Common protocols around ketamine infusion treatments


“You can cover a lot of ground. It’s really up to the person how much they’re willing to investigate in themselves.” [10:25]

“I closed my eyes and it was a really easy experience to let go into because it’s a tranquilizer, you know.” [14:29]

“They made it sound like I was going to be able to work the same day [as the treatments]. Definitely not the case! Really give yourself some space for the rest of that day.” [34:24]


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