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LSD Patient Experience with Arash


In today’s LSD patient experience episode, Arash tells the story of how he has interacted with this particular drug. He describes what led him to his decision to try LSD for the first time and the events that helped get him into the proper mindset to proceed with it. Arash explains what type of effect it had on him and why he decided to continue using LSD afterward.

LSD experiences have helped Arash make sense of many things that he had previously ignored or took for granted. He explains the insight that this compound has given him and how it has brought him to what he feels is a greater understanding of human behavior and his own identity.

Having been using LSD for some time now, Arash reflects on how it has changed his perspective on many things. He has created stronger inter-personal bonds that he feels he was not capable of before. Furthermore, LSD has also lent him new insight into many things that he feels most adults fail to see.

In This Episode

• Arash describes why he first decided to use LSD
• The helpfulness of having someone to guide an LSD experience
• How an LSD experience helped Arash have more confidence in social situations
• The bonding power of psychedelic experiences
• How LSD has allowed Arash to see old things with new eyes


“The little ego-check was what I needed so that I went into LSD having relaxed some of my guard and I went in with more of a clear slate.” [9:12]

“Before my trip, I was in this more insecure, scared, and vulnerable place. And then I felt completely confident in my body. I felt strong and experienced. I was finding myself taking more of a leadership role in interactions with people.” [21:17]

“The assistance of psychedelics took my spirituality from a dial-up modem and upgraded it to highspeed cable wifi.” [36:22]


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