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MDMA Patient Experience with Steven


In today’s patient experience episode, Steven tells us about a therapeutic use of MDMA that you may not have heard of. A medical practitioner himself, Steven understands his own condition of IBS very well and what standard treatment is. However, when all these failed to produce results, Steven took the chance and set out to discover how he could better treat his condition.

It was finally a decision to address the emotional and spiritual side of his health with his therapist that led Steven to try a guided MDMA experience. As a potent compound, MDMA can lead to significant psychological effects. Steven describes what it was like for him and how it led to significant improvements with his constant pain within a day of his initial experience.

Steven explains how he found somebody to lead his journey. Because of legal issues, he had to use an underground network that his therapist pointed him towards. Steven shares how he vetted his guide and what he did to feel safe and supported throughout the experience.

In This Episode

• What compelled Steven to take his health into his own hands
• Addressing past trauma with the guided use of MDMA to get a handle on physical health
• Why Steven ultimately decided that MDMA was the right psychedelic for him
• What an experience of a “heroic dose” of MDMA is
• What to look for in someone to lead an MDMA journey
• The value of having an integration session after the experience
• The protocol Steven followed before during and after his MDMA journey


“The human body, just because it’s not a machine, doesn’t make it any different. There’s a bunch of inputs and outputs. It’s kind of like electrical engineering systems.” [2:27]

“For the first time in my life, I could feel bloating. It’s not that the bloating went away; it was that the pain associated with the bloating went away.” [10:06]

“It’s a breakthrough therapy. It’s what the mavericks are doing.” [34:23]


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