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Mescaline Patient Experience with Ian-Michael Hebert


Ian-Michael Hebert is committed to healing the relationship between humanity and the Earth. His formal training has been in eco-resort design and he holds a Masters’s degree in Counseling Psychology and community mental health. He is the founder of Holos Global, a network of holistic healing centers. Ian-Michael has catalyzed many teams in creating enduring structures and institutions that will benefit generations to come.

In this week’s episode, Ian-Michael describes his very personal journey as he experienced mescaline while hiking through the Grand Canyon.

This Mescaline experience helped Ian-Michael work through his negative internalizations, reconnect spiritually to nature, and even helped him strengthen his relationship with his father. He also discusses how this experience led him to his current work with Holos Global and the services they provide.

In This Episode

• What a mescaline experience can be like and what Ian-Michael experienced
• The importance of reconnecting with nature
• How to reintegrate after a psychedelic experience
• The purpose of Holos Global


“What I find with this particular ally or this particular plant medicine, is that it deeply amplifies our feeling states.” [8:17]

“That particular experience was less like an actual visual experience and more of a felt sense.” [18:47]

“The overall journey of being on the Grand Canyon and that bigger context was very much a reset of my life, and I came out very inspired.” [26:55]

“The integration arc is as important as the journey. If you really want to mine the gems, if you want to, like, get the benefits of the medicine you really have the opportunity to reflect on it and to practice it.” [28:33]


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