Psychedelic Medicine


Psilocybin Patient Experience with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski


Today I’m sharing with you the psilocybin patient experience. Disclaimer: I’m not coming to you as a doctor, lawyer, or researcher in this episode, but simply as someone who has experienced psilocybin and is talking about the experience for educational purposes.

This was my first (and to this date only) experience with a curated psilocybin ceremony, involving intention setting, a playlist specifically-designed for the journey, and a well-planned environment. It was actually that experience that ultimately led me to start this podcast.

I describe how this psilocybin experience helped convey certain messages and led me into a sense of clarity through new introspection. During my psilocybin journey, I was able to deeply reflect on episodes in my life in ways that gave them the closure I hadn’t even been aware that I needed. It helped me gain perspective on my anxiety and actually be grateful for its source. I have since been able to carry some of the clarity of this experience forward with me in other aspects of my life.

As a bonus, I discuss a bit about how a microdose of psilocybin led me to finally quit practicing medicine.

In This Episode

• Setting intentions as part of a psilocybin ceremony
• The messages that the plants can convey during an experience
• The clarity that is imparted by psilocybin
• How psilocybin has affected my sense of anxiety
• The possible delayed introspective effects of psilocybin microdosing


“A lot of times the people who are guiding these ceremonies have a certain intuition to them.” [7:58]

“Especially during this psilocybin journey, I felt like the plants were speaking to me. Not necessarily in a language but in very clear senses in what they were trying to convey.” [10:40]

“When you’re in the effects, things seem so dramatic and real and you feel this sense of calm and oneness. It’s hard to realize that that’s going to wear off.” [16:39]


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