Psychedelic Science: Social Distancing Style- Discussing the Upcoming MAPS Psychedelic Science Webinar Series with Brad Burge


As this episode airs, most of us are currently contained at home and much of the world has shifted online. This presents a very exciting opportunity to connect with MAPS. This organization is preparing to release its Psychedelic Science 2020 webinar series which runs April 9 through May 21.

If you are wondering what MAPS is and what this webinar is about, Brad Burge is on today to share that with you. Brad is the director of strategic communications who began working with MAPS in 2009 to help expand their international public education and communication programs. He engages daily with journalists and media producers around the world to enhance public knowledge about psychedelic research while also helping develop MAPS brand and outreach strategy.

In its upcoming online course, MAPS and the speakers will explore the latest advancements in psychedelic research, medicine, and policy. This will include talks by some of the foremost leaders in the psychedelic renaissance. They’ll provide insights into the latest research into the medical and therapeutic uses of psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, and more. It also includes a sneak-peek at key issues affecting the wider availability of psychedelics for healing and spirituality.

In This Episode

• Speakers and the topics they will cover in the webinar
• What is being discovered about the effect of psychedelics and the brain
• MAPS’ role in regulatory and decriminalization initiatives
• How MAPS provides peer support and harm-reduction
• Current research on the ability of MDMA to treat PTSD


“The topics were chosen based on what’s timely in the field of psychedelic therapy and clinical trials.” [4:40]

“MAPS is about the research and science, but we’re also about much more than that. We’re also looking at and supporting different initiatives to regulate psychedelics.” [7:15]

“If we can take these so-called bad trips and turn them into learning experiences, then we can do a lot of good. We can heal trauma and help people explore their consciousness.” [12:01]

“Where in this when, not if, situation. We’re in a final push after 33 years of work to actually make MDMA a legal prescription treatment for PTSD.” [18:27]


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