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Treating Depression with Ketamine with Dr. Ken Adolph


Dr. Adolph is a board-certified cardiac anesthesiologist and medical director of the Illumma Ketamine Clinic, as well as a member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians.

Dr. Adolph shares the brief history of how ketamine was originally created, how it came to be used in the mental health arena, and its effectiveness for those with depression. He covers what the research has shown, as well as what he’s seen in his clinic and in his own personal journey with the medicine.

In This Episode

• Ketamine’s ability to extinguish suicidal ideation in 24 hours
• How Ketamine is one psychedelic that has an addictive potential
• The effects of Ketamine on BDNF and Glutamate, and how this can help heal the brain
• The importance of integration


“By accident, they found that some of these patients (who were given Ketamine) were able to work thru some difficult issues and on the backside of that have less depression associated with their trauma” [10:07]

“And then it begins to open them up to “you know what, I’m ready. I’m ready to start taking a look”. Because that’s what we see. Patients are more open to take a look at trauma. They’re more open to see that their mindset is important in being able to produce a positive response”. [22:04]


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