Increasing Access to Ketamine Therapy

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Join Us For an EXCLUSIVE Panel Discussion for Members of The Psychedelic Medicine Association:

Increasing Access to Ketamine Therapy

Panel Moderator:

Lynn Marie Morski, MD, ESQ

President - Psychedelic Medicine Association


Pamela Kryskow, MD

Roots to Thrive Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Dr. Pamela Kryskow is a medical doctor with a strong interest in chronic pain, mental health, and psychedelic medicine. She is a clinical instructor at UBC and an adjunct professor at VIU. She is one of the founding board members of the Canadian Psychedelic Association. Dr. Kryskow is actively involved in research related to psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, COVID, mental wellness, and neurogenesis. She is co-investigator on the largest microdosing study (Microdose.me) which is ongoing with 12000+ enrolled participants. She is the medical lead on the Roots To Thrive Ketamine Assisted Therapy program that treats health care providers and first responders with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction. In real life she loves hiking in the forest, ocean kayaking, growing kale and daydreaming in the hammock.

Mark Braunstein, DO

Reconscious Medical

Dr. B,” is paradigm-shifting psychiatrist.  Shortly after his residency, he began exploring the use of psychoactive plant-based medicines in the treatment of various psychiatric conditions in both children and adults. Dr. is the medical director for multiple psychiatric and psychedelic health clinics. He's pioneer in wilderness psychiatry and his plant-based dosing protocols have made him sought-after medical consultant, advisor, and educator. He runs inpatient and outpatient treatment programs focused on addiction treatment. Driven by passion to educate and elevate humanity to healthier and happier place, Dr. is involved in multiple projects focused on expanding access, awareness, research, and safety in the field of psychedelics. With over 25 years of clinical practice , his passion is on blending plant medicine with conventional psychiatry now through technology and telemedicine at his company Reconscious Medical. 

Reid Robison, MD, MBA

Novamind/Cedar Psychiatry

Dr. Reid Robison is a board-certified psychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer at Novamind. Reid is co-founder at Cedar Psychiatry and serves as Medical Director of Center for Change, a top Eating Disorder program. He is currently the coordinating investigator for the MAPS MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy study of Eating Disorders. Reid is adjunct faculty at the University of Utah, founder of the Polizzi Free Clinic, and provides medical support and psychedelic therapy at plant medicine retreats abroad.

Ketamine is currently the only widely available psychedelic medicine; however, due to a lack of coverage by insurance providers, combined with steep costs of treatments, this therapy is still out of reach of many patients who could benefit from it.

That’s why we’ve assembled a panel of some of the leading names in ketamine therapy to discuss ways they have employed to increase access to patients for whom the traditional ketamine therapy costs weren’t financially feasible.

From group therapies to compassionate billing practices, our panelists will cover a number of ways to bring this important medicine within the reach of more patients in need of its therapeutic benefits. We’ll also have time for Q and A at the end so you can interact directly with our panel of experts.

So please join us for a live panel discussion on Thursday, April 29th at 5 pm Pacific, 8 pm Eastern. This is exclusively for members of the Psychedelic Medicine Association, so if you have not yet registered, please do so here. And for members, please register for the panel here. A link to the recording will be available afterward if you cannot make it to the live event.

The webinar will take place on April 29th. Recordings will be available if you are unable to attend.

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